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5 Things to Consider Before Settling a Personal Injury Claim

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Settling a Personal Injury Claim in Clifton, New Jersey

Being involved in a personal injury claim can be overwhelming. One of your most pressing questions is, “Should I settle?” There’s no single right answer, but this blog can help you understand what things you need to consider before settling a personal injury claim.

It is also helpful to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you determine the best offer for your case. In general, you should only accept an offer if it can cover all your expenses such as

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Other expenses

To learn more about personal injury claims in New Jersey, consult our NJ personal injury lawyers at Jaloudi Law.

What Should You Consider Before Accepting a Settlement Offer in New Jersey?

Have you worked with a lawyer on your case?

Many accident victims try to deal with the insurance company themselves. However, working with a reliable personal injury lawyer can you ensure that you’ll only get the best compensation for your injuries.

Have you reached your maximum recovery?

The main reason why you should get compensation is for your medical expenses, which include future treatment and therapy. When getting a settlement, it is important to make sure that your compensation will cover all your expenses.

Have you considered your pain and suffering?

When negotiating a settlement, your compensation should also cover non-economic damages as well. Going through a long and painful recovery or suffering a permanent injury is something that no amount of money can ever really compensate for. However, receiving a fair settlement can help focus more on healing and recovery.

Have you filed a lawsuit?

Not all personal injury claims require filing a suit. However, filing a lawsuit can help you pursue maximum compensation for your case.

Have you negotiated a settlement?

Negotiating the current settlement can often lead you to a better offer. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you negotiate with the insurance company to get the best settlement for your case.

Maximize Your Recovery Today!

Negotiating with insurance companies and the other people involved in a personal injury claim can be exhausting. The best way to navigate through this difficult time is by working with a reliable Clifton personal injury attorney.

Our law firm in New Jersey has helped countless families get the compensation they deserve. You can be next!

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