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Filing a Lawsuit for Car Accident Cases

Car accident cases

How much time do I have to file a lawsuit in a car accident case?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car, bus, or train accident, it is critical to understand how much time you have to bring a lawsuit. Of course, your health comes first, and you should seek medical attention for any injuries you incurred as a result of the accident. However, you should be aware of any legal time limits that may limit your ability to receive compensation.

What are the limitations of NJ statutes for personal injury cases?

Personal injury claims in New Jersey have a two-year statute of limitations from the date of the accident that caused your injuries. As a result, you have two years from the date of the car accident to initiate a lawsuit against the party or parties who caused the accident. This is critical to remember because if you miss the two-year period without filing a case, you will be permanently prevented from doing so.  

In other words, if you were injured in a car/bus/train/etc. accident and did not file a lawsuit before the two-year deadline, you will be unable to obtain compensation for your losses. (Of course, we’re not talking about circumstances where a lawsuit was not filed but a settlement was reached inside the two-year period.)

When can I file a suit in a personal injury case?

Filing a lawsuit for car accident casesAttorneys for personal injury claims frequently do not file action right after the accident occurs. This is partly due to the need for sufficient documentation for proof once the lawsuit is filed.  

A lawsuit is being filed in a personal injury case seeking compensation for any injuries or property damage you may have experienced due to the negligence of a driver.

Objective medical data is required to verify the nature and extent of your personal injury claim. Because you may be under the care of doctors and receiving ongoing medical treatment, attorneys frequently wait until you have had enough therapy to document your injuries.  

Can I obtain compensation without filing a lawsuit?

You may be able to settle your personal injury claim without having to go to court. Attorneys will begin compensation negotiations with the responsible parties and the insurance company once appropriate medical evidence and documentation is available, as well as the type and extent of your injuries have been determined.  

You do not have to launch a lawsuit for your car accident case if an agreement is made and you agree to settle your claim for the sum given. Of course, everything has to happen within the two-year statute of limitations. If an agreement cannot be reached, a lawsuit must be launched before the two-year period expires.

Is it better to file a lawsuit or to settle my case out of court?

There are expenditures associated with filing a car accident lawsuit, such as expert fees and other expenses. These expenses can add up quickly.

Furthermore, due to the high volume of car accident cases in the courts, the process can be lengthy. As a result, attempting to settle your claim without going to trial saves time and money.

If the given settlement sum is insufficient for medical bills alone, you should be prepared to go to court. It’s critical to hire a car accident lawyer with courtroom expertise who is willing to file a lawsuit and litigate your auto accident case on your behalf. 

What do I do for an auto accident involving public entities/employees?

For any motor vehicle accident causing injury by the State’s or Government’s carelessness, the legal time limits and standards are different.

Within 90 days of the date of the accident or injury, you must file a formal notice of car accident claim with the government or entity. You must then wait 6 months before filing a car accident case.

Contact an experienced automobile accident lawyer in New Jersey

If you are an accident victim who may have been hurt in a car, bus, train, or motorbike accident, it is critical to hire an experienced personal injury attorney who can assist you through the legal process and help you achieve just and fair compensation.

Jaloudi Law offers the necessary experience and a track record of success in cases regarding any auto accident. Our consultation is free and we will not charge legal fees until we are successful in getting you compensation.


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