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How long does an accident case litigation take?

Accident case litigation

The Duration of an Accident Case Litigation in North Jersey

The most widespread misconception regarding litigation and courts is that the legal procedure is lengthy. Many people may be discouraged from pursuing genuine claims to receive a settlement or fair compensation because they may not want to go through this lengthy procedure.

People who have been wounded in any type of vehicle accident and have filed claims are aware of this firsthand. The most common criticism is that the case took too long to settle.

For the people who may have experienced this, often, and most likely throw their car accident cases down the bin. But this shouldn’t be the case. Settlement is important and all car accident victims are entitled to this.

What is the typical duration of a personal injury claim?

Accident case litigation Most attorneys will tell you that a personal injury auto accident claim “may take anything from 1-4 years to resolve, with the average period being roughly 2 years.” However, there is no such thing as an average amount of time because each personal injury claim is unique and varies.

There is no defined time limit for resolving a personal injury claim. Many factors are at play, including the complexity of the event, the insurance company involved, when the action is filed, the severity of the injuries, the plaintiff’s attorney’s zeal in pursuing the personal injury claim, and whether the case is resolved or fought. 

What variables influence the length of the case?

Is the case resolved or being litigated?

The majority of personal injury vehicle accident lawsuits are settled out of court. However, in order to settle, the plaintiff’s counsel must usually file suit. There are situations when no action is filed and the claim might be settled within one year after the car accident.

However, this would depend on the severity of the injuries, the extent of therapy, and the insurance company involved. Some insurance firms are more inclined than others to settle disputes. As a result, the insurance company of the person who improperly drove their vehicle and so is the defendant in the case is highly important in this analysis of the car accident case.

When and where the lawsuit will be filed

Some attorneys file litigation shortly before the statute of limitations expires, while others file action considerably earlier. Furthermore, the county in which the car accident claim is filed is significant. Some counties have a substantially bigger docket, and the cases move much slower.

The availability of witnesses and expert witnesses in a personal injury vehicle accident lawsuit

Cases are frequently postponed due to witness availability, which further delays the process. Doctors’ evidence is required since they are crucial expert witnesses in a personal injury lawsuit. Doctors are frequently unavailable to testify due to the nature of their profession.

The plaintiff’s attorney’s diligence is also a consideration

How diligent is the attorney in preparing and advancing the claim? Was there a hiccup in filing the car accident lawsuit? Is the attorney willing to go to trial or does he seek continuances? Also, does the attorney have the necessary resources and abilities to proceed? Unfortunately, the plaintiff’s own counsel is frequently to blame for the delay.

Contact an experienced New Jersey personal injury & car accident attorney

If you have been injured in a car accident, it is critical that you seek the services of an experienced North Jersey personal injury attorney who can review your case, diligently pursue your claim, and help you through the legal process without delay. 

Jaloudi Law is committed to fighting for your rights in a timely and aggressive manner. Jaloudi Law has the resources and a team of trial attorneys to take on any insurance carrier. We have a track record of getting multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts on its clients’ behalf.


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