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Brain Injury

Seasoned New Jersey Brain Injury Lawyers

Brain injuries are particularly lethal. They can immediately impact every element of your functioning-physical, cognitive, emotional, and memory. If you are recovering from a brain injury or are helplessly watching a loved one suffer through this situation, you understand how difficult it can be to cope with this type of injury.

And things could get considerably worse before they get better. But everything will get better. Having our experienced New Jersey brain injury lawyers on your side can mean simpler access to the care you require while incurring less financial strain. We at Jaloudi Law manage legal headaches so that you may devote all your time and energy to rehabilitation. Call our personal injury law firm today to learn more.

Why Do I Need Brain Injury Lawyers in New Jersey?

With so much at stake, you need a trustworthy lawyer. The skilled New Jersey personal injury attorney at our law office are ready to handle the legal process for you. This may entail doing the following actions:

  • Examining videos, photographs, and witness statements
  • Examining your medical records to have a better understanding of your injury
  • Making contact with expert witnesses about the accident or your medical condition
  • Working directly with any insurance firms involved
  • Preparing your case for settlement negotiations or, if required, a trial

Our competent brain injury lawyers have decades of combined experience resolving difficult injury situations. We are committed to serving your best interests and obtaining the greatest compensation possible following a catastrophic injury. Did you know those accident victims who hire lawyers typically receive more compensation than those who do not? Studies conducted by insurance companies support this.

With one of our competent New Jersey brain injury lawyers by your side, you can concentrate on your medical care. Jaloudi Law has a track record of successfully securing compensation for our clients.

What is Brain Injury?

New Jersey brain injury lawyersBrain injury is brain damage produced by external physical forces such as a vehicle accident, a headshot, or a fall from a great height. While the loss of consciousness following head trauma is a significant indicator of possible brain injury, a person might sustain a brain injury without losing consciousness. 

A hit or jolt to the head that causes the brain to collide with the interior of the front and rear of the skull might result in a “mild” TBI, concussion, or a severe TBI with a protracted period of unconsciousness. According to the International Brain Injury Association (IBIA), brain injury is one of the most likely types of injury to end in death or lifelong disability. 

Brain injury is the primary cause of death and disability worldwide, and approximately 1 million Americans are treated and released from emergency rooms due to brain damage. Approximately 5.3 million Americans are disabled as a result of a brain injury.

What Are the Common Common Causes of Brain Injuries?

A massive external force could induce a brain injury. However, there are various situations where a victim is at risk of suffering this catastrophic injury. Here are a couple of such examples:

Can Medical Malpractice Result in Brain Injury?

Misdiagnosis or ineffective head injury therapy can result in severe brain injury. Brain damage is a complex injury that demands thorough examination and medical analysis. Failure to treat a brain injury can have serious consequences, including death.

Misdiagnosis is the major cause of brain injury in the medical setting. There have been known recurrences when a medical expert misdiagnosed the victim’s injuries. A correct diagnosis leads to correct treatment. Identifying brain injury is a critical task for attending physicians.

How Can Medical Malpractice Cause Brain Injury?

Aside from misdiagnosis, the following are other causes of brain injury in a medical setting:

  • Errors in Anesthesia
  • Surgical Mistakes
  • Errors in Medication

What Are the Different Types of Brain Injuries?

Although several brain injuries can occur as a result of an accident, the following are the most common:

  • Concussion
  • Contusion
  • Coup-Contrecoup Injury
  • Closed Brain Injury
  • Open Brain Injury

What Are the Warning Signs Associated With Brain Injury?

While a severe brain injury is usually obvious, recognizing and diagnosing mild to moderate brain injuries can be more difficult, especially if there have been any superficial injuries. A brain or spinal cord injury can cause a variety of psychological symptoms, including:

  • difficulty recognizing individuals or places
  • focusing difficulties
  • confusion, agitation, or restlessness
  • unusual behavior

These symptoms may emerge immediately, but it is also conceivable that brain injury symptoms will not appear for several days. It is critical to keep an eye out for any outward signs of a brain injury in the immediate aftermath of a head injury or other Traumatic Brain Injury event. The following are some of the most common physical symptoms of brain injury:

  • recurring headache
  • loss of consciousness
  • convulsions or seizure
  • nausea and vomiting, especially in children 
  • fatigue or sleepiness
  • muddled speech
  • disorientation or loss of coordination
  • vision changes
  • different sized pupils
  • clear discharge from the nose or ears
  • hearing loss or sound hypersensitivity
  • tingling or numbness in the fingers or toes

What to Do Following a Brain Injury in a New Jersey Accident?

An accident occurred, and you have cause to believe something is wrong. You should evaluate the likelihood of a brain injury, whether you really struck your head or are just feeling dizzy or not quite yourself. What are you going to do?

This problem cannot be ignored. Even relatively minor brain injuries are serious enough to warrant immediate care.

Call 911 for Immediate Assistance

Treat any suspected brain or head injury as an emergency and dial 911. First responders will arrive on the site to help you. If necessary, paramedics and EMTs will stabilize you and transport you to the nearest hospital with the resources to give you the immediate medical treatment you require. Calling for emergency assistance also fulfills the second objective of documenting the incident that resulted in your injuries. 

Collect Evidence at the Accident Scene If Possible

If you’re able to move and it’s safe to do so, use the time you’re waiting for first responders to start gathering evidence. Take pictures of the accident scene, the cause, and your injuries. If anyone witnessed what occurred, request their account of the situation as well as their contact information.

Seek Medical Attention Right Away

Some brain injuries are fatal and require rapid medical attention. Others are less lethal but can still significantly influence your life and physical, cognitive, and emotional functioning. The sooner you see a doctor examine your injuries, the sooner you will receive answers and a medical treatment plan that will benefit you. 

Contact Our Brain Injury Lawyers

When someone else’s negligence causes a brain injury, the victim may have grounds for a personal injury claim. Recovery from a brain injury is tough, costly, and, for many victims, a lifelong process of coping and rehabilitation. If someone else is to blame for your brain injury, you must take legal action to provide yourself the best opportunity for full physical and financial recovery. 

That means entrusting your brain injury case to one of our knowledgeable New Jersey brain injury lawyers.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Your Brain Injury?

  • Who would you sue for a brain injury if you had a claim? Liability varies depending on the facts of your claim, but in a personal injury case, defendants may include:

    • A property owner who allowed an unnoticed safety defect to provide slips and falls to guests
    • A driver who broke traffic laws or drove while intoxicated or distracted
    • A company that fails to take sufficient security precautions to protect its customers
    • Nursing home personnel who are careless
    • Malpractice by doctors and other healthcare professionals

    Other persons who may be held accountable for a brain injury include:

    • An employer for whom a driver was working while driving negligently
    • A bar that provided too much booze to an intoxicated driver
    • The hospital, medical facility, or home healthcare organization that employed a healthcare professional that committed a major medical error
    • The maker of a defective product that caused or contributed to your accident

    In addition to the defendants, your personal injury claim will involve one or more insurance companies. This is because most brain injury settlements are paid by insurance companies rather than individuals or companies.

What Are the Lifelong Consequences of a Brain Injury?

Everyone reacts differently to a brain injury. Some symptoms may occur immediately, while others may appear gradually. Worse, some head injury symptoms may not manifest for years and may even be permanent, needing special equipment or care and impairing a victim’s ability to work and live freely.

A brain injury can not only change a person’s life permanently, but it can also change the lives of the injured person’s family members. These injuries have an impact on all aspects of a person’s life. Here are some of the potential changes:


With over 60% of seriously brain-injured individuals unemployed two years after the accident, the inability to work as one did before the injury is a significant change. Many individuals are unable to work at all. Those who can return to work may discover that they are no longer capable of handling the same position or workload. 


A person suffering from a brain injury may spend months in the hospital or a rehabilitation facility before being permitted to return home. While “coming home” may appear to be a happy finale to the journey, for most, it is merely the start of a new part of the journey. Many brain-injured people need house changes to suit their injuries, such as wheelchair ramps, enlarged doors, lowered counters, and roll-in showers. 


A child returning to school after sustaining a brain injury may experience difficulties, much as an adult with a brain injury may struggle to find employment. More breaks, less time spent at school or on tasks, and the need for personal assistance to keep schoolwork and tasks organized.

Social Life

People with brain injuries also experience changes to their social lives due to the injury. It’s possible that the injured person won’t want to or won’t be able to engage in things they once found enjoyable. Friends may discover that they no longer share many interests with the injured individual, and these relationships frequently dissolve during the healing process. 


The lifetime costs of brain injury frequently reach millions of dollars. The family is put under a significant amount of financial strain as a result of this and the fact that many people with brain injuries are unable to work. 

Many victims and their families finally seek the assistance of one of our skilled New Jersey brain injury lawyers due to the expense of engaging with so many different medical professionals.

Do I Have a Valid Brain Injury Claim?

An experienced brain injury attorney should be consulted about this issue. Jaloudi Law has always assisted people who have suffered personal injuries. We have a track record of success and know how to present a compelling argument to obtain the highest possible damages compensation.

Regarding the validity of your claim, there are several things we may need to take into account:

  • How your brain injury developed
  • Your medical condition
  • The signs you have observed
  • The potential impact of your injury on your capacity for work
  • You might have gathered proof from the accident scene.

What Compensation is Available for Brain Injury Victims in New Jersey?

Even though there might not be any immediate symptoms after a brain injury, as the effects develop over time, the victim’s care may incur high costs. As a result, victims and their families are entitled to compensation for a variety of damages, including:

  • Medical Expenses. This includes all rehabilitation and other life-support services and initial emergency care.
  • Pain and Suffering. Whether the impairments are short-term or long-term, if you had a brain injury that limited your ability to engage in previously enjoyed activities, you might be eligible for financial compensation.
  • Lost Salary. This includes any time a victim may have needed to miss work so they could recover.
  • Limitation of Earning Potential. Future earnings are likely to suffer when a brain injury victim’s capacity to earn a living is compromised.
  • Life Changes. This is for accident patients who are unable to carry out daily tasks that improve their quality of life before their injury.
  • Future Damages. The brain injury victim may pursue a personal injury claim if they believe their brain injury may cause them to experience more problems in the future.
  • Life Care. The ability to drive, clean, cook, or perform other daily duties may never return to brain injury victims who rely on compensated services instead.
  • Punitive Damages. Punitive damages may be granted to the victim and their family in cases when the party responsible for the victim’s brain injury acted carelessly, maliciously, or negligently.

The victim’s best chance of receiving full compensation is by hiring our competent Clifton personal injury lawyer because the legal system is so complicated. Contact us right away to find out more about New Jersey brain injury settlements and discuss your personal injury claim.

How Long Can You File for a Brain Injury Claim in New Jersey?

After the accident, you have two years to initiate a lawsuit for your brain injury. You might forfeit your right to file a lawsuit if you don’t do so before those two years have passed. Even though there are several exclusions to this deadline, you should discuss your circumstance with one of our qualified New Jersey brain injury lawyers as soon as you can. 

We need time to decide whether you might have a case, how much it would be worth, and how to make a compelling argument.

Let One of Our New Jersey Brain Injury Lawyers Help You

According to New Jersey law, you have the option of holding the responsible party accountable and pursuing financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit if your brain injury was brought on by the negligent actions of another person or entity. 

Liability for your injuries must be proven by proving that the responsible person owed you a duty of care, that this duty of care was violated by negligent or reckless activity, and that the consequences of this breach on your life-including your brain injury-were caused by this breach.

The skilled New Jersey brain injury lawyer at Jaloudi Law are pleased to offer informed advice and aggressive counsel to those who have suffered brain injuries and their families as they pursue financial compensation via the court system. Call us today so our experienced personal injury lawyer can help you navigate all your legal options.

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