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New Jersey Personal Injury Protection issues can be extremely complicated for medical care providers. Trying to sort out the issues in PIP insurance on your own can prove to be very challenging. Many medical care providers in New Jersey find PIP insurance to be very confusing.

A usual automobile insurance policy in New Jersey offers coverage against accidents and collisions. Personal Injury Protection is utilized to pay out insured individuals’ medical expenses. The state of New Jersey is a no-Fault State, meaning that one’s own automobile insurance corporation is responsible for the medical bills sustained as a result of the collision, regardless of fault.

Because of the fact that PIP benefits are heavily regulated by the State of New Jersey, we often hear about disputes between medical care providers and the automobile insurance companies. Disputes are usually regarding the regulations.

The lawyers at Jaloudi Law, are experienced in PIP Arbitration and use it to resolve the disputes between medical care providers and automobile insurance companies.

Issues our lawyers deal with PIP arbitration:

  • Medical Necessity.
  • Rates of reimbursement.
  • Coverage.
  • Appeals.
  • Pre-Certification of treatment.
  • Causation.


It is very common that insurance companies underpay the claim based on the interpretation of the coding manual, which is in favor of the insurance company. The PIP arbitration lawyers at Jaloudi Law, are experienced in reviewing your patient files for any underpayments and will help you in identifying any situations in which you were underpaid.

Our lawyers will make sure that all the necessary paperwork is filed properly, saving you money.

The lawyers at Jaloudi Law, have years of experience serving their clients in this manner. They are experts in identifying coding discrepancies and various coding rules to maximize the amount you get paid for the treatments and services you provided.

If an insurance company has denied your bill, don’t waste any more time.

Call us now to schedule a free appointment with one of the most reliable and expert PIP Arbitration lawyers in Clifton, NJ.

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