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In today’s competitive environment, businesses seek out legal counsel who are not only skilled in a wide variety of legal disciplines but are also highly experienced.

Without a reliable and expert business transaction lawyer, your business will have to face the following issues.

  • Taxation issues.
  • Integrated and multifaceted business and legal matters.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Mergers and acquisition issues.
  • Commercial transaction issues.
  • Business formation and general corporate representation issues.
  • Tax consequences.
  • Environmental issues.
  • Employee benefit matters.
  • Regulatory complaints and litigation review matters.

Jaloudi & Associates, LLC, provides comprehensive business transaction law practice in Clifton, NJ. We offer full service to public and privately held U.S clients, which range from startup entrepreneurs to fortune 500 companies.

Our reliable services cover the wide range of opportunities and challenges clients encounter throughout their business life cycle, from establishment to mergers and acquisitions, protecting intellectual property to daily operations, raising capital to security law compliance and corporate governance, and tax management.

The business lawyers at Jaloudi & Associates, LLC, help clients anticipate, address, and resolve the day-to-day realities of today’s business climate. We have provided our reliable assistance in almost every industry, including electronics, technology, financial services, manufacturing, hospitality, biotech, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, media, construction, and entertainment.

Jaloudi & Associates, LLC, is dedicated to providing services that will enrich our clients’ abilities to prosper and grow. Our firm’s business transaction lawyers have the skills required to be effective in preparing your business for a transaction and negotiating and accomplishing a business acquisition or combination.

The lawyers at Jaloudi & Associates, LLC, have handled multifaceted mergers, management buy-outs, stock and asset sales, divestitures and acquisition transactions for both private and public companies.

For all our clients, our philosophy is reflected in our immediate access, and our addition of value to your every endeavor, and our deliverance of effective legal advice.

Our legal team learns your business so they can serve as an integral part of it.

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