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The United States immigration law is overwhelmingly complicated, selecting the correct immigration lawyer to represent you, your business, and your family is vital to reaching success. People work hard to achieve their goals for a better life in the United States, the financial and emotional stress that accompanies immigration problems, a poorly resolved or unresolved immigration issue impacts your job and career, your family, your rights, and your ability to achieve other long-term goals.

  • Threat of deportation.
  • Citizenship denials.
  • Visa denials.
  • Green card issues.

The lawyers at Jaloudi & Associates, LLC, have extensive experience in many immigration cases. They review new developments in the constantly changing field of immigration law daily so that they can offer you the best legal counsel available.

Jaloudi & Associates, LLC, handle a range of immigration issues:

  • Permanent Residency– our lawyers guide employees and families to get permanent residency in the United States. We help you understand the process of obtaining a green card and make sure that your rights are always upheld.
  • Visas – our attorneys represent clients who wish to obtain a non-immigrant visa for a temporary visit to the United States, like for tourism, career, or study purposes.
  • Naturalization – it is the process that foreign citizens follow in order to obtain United States citizenship. There are complex requirements that each applicant must fulfill, the immigration attorneys at Jaloudi & Associates, LLC can guide you through the process.
  • Deportation– our attorneys defend your rights if you are threated to be deported.

We have guided countless individuals, families, businesses, and employers through the complex area of immigration law.

We have helped individuals, families, and companies realize and achieve their immigration goals, whether it is fighting to stay here, becoming a United States Citizen, or filing for someone’s permanent residence status.

At Jaloudi & Associates, LLC, we bring honesty, dedication, vast experience, and personal touch in the field of immigration law and every case we handle. Our attorney’s work personally and closely with each client to identify their specific concerns and needs. We ensure that our clients understand each and every step of the way towards the goal, and together, we develop a winning legal strategy.

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