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Traffic Violations are the most common incidence of law violations in America. Who amongst us has not received a traffic ticket? Along with traffic tickets, you may be charged with traffic violations if you run a red light, drive without a license, do not follow the proper traffic rules and etiquette, drive under the influence, or drive without traffic headlights.

You may not think that traffic violations are a big problem, but some violations such as DUI can even merit jail time. Even the seemingly harmless speeding ticket can have lasting consequences such as:

  • traffic tickets deduct points from your driving score
  • Traffic tickets can increase your auto insurance rates
  • Traffic tickets can cause driving license suspension
  • Traffic tickets can create a permanent criminal record
  • Traffic tickets can incite steep fines and jail time

Even if you have been charged with a ticket or a DUI offense, remember that you still have rights! At times, law enforcement deals more harshly than necessary about traffic violations. This harsh treatment can ruin your insurance ratings and cause you to lose your driving license.

We suggest that you choose a good traffic violations lawyer if you get in any kind of traffic trouble. Jaloudi & Associates, LLC is a reliable option.

Jaloudi & Associates, LLC has a team of expert traffic law attorneys who have a deep knowledge of traffic law. They are excellent at gathering information regarding the incidence to get the law enforcement agencies to drop the charges or levy the minimal possible penalty. Our attorneys will make sure that no points are deducted from your license so that you don’t suffer higher insurance premiums.

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