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Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Attorney in Clifton, NJ

There is no doubt that healthcare providers such as doctors and nurses have helped us a great, great deal when it comes to supporting and informing us about our health. After all, they diagnose us, perform necessary surgery, and help recommend medications. However, they can still make mistakes due to negligence which often results in misdiagnosis or injury. This is when a medical malpractice attorney from Jaloudi Law comes into play.

Medical malpractice takes on many forms. It ranges from a birth injury such as cerebral palsy or any harm caused by mishandling of forceps, brain injuries, prenatal misdiagnosis, and cancer misdiagnosis. Regardless, the healthcare provider must be held accountable, and you have the right to file a claim. An attorney can help you with the entire process.

If you are faced with medical malpractice injuries brought about by the negligence of a healthcare provider, know that the best course of action is to get in touch with a medical malpractice attorney Jaloudi Law. An attorney can provide you with legal advice every step of the way, guiding you toward the best course of action.

Why do I need a Medical Malpractice in New Jersey?

 medical malpractice attorney clifton, njIf you’ve been through a whole lot physically and emotionally due to injuries sustained via medical malpractice, taking healthcare providers or hospitals to court can seem pretty taxing. Apart from the emotional toll, the financial costs are another burden that will put you in a state of worry. However, it is more worrisome just to let the case be and not get compensated for it, hence the importance of having an expert attorney in your corner. 

The New Jersey-based law office Jaloudi Law is committed to providing successful results to their clients, be it medical malpractice or personal injury. With personalized techniques for individual situations, Jaloudi Law is dedicated to ensuring you come out on top. Its team of lawyers has a combined 50 years of experience in a range of practice areas, including personal injury and medical malpractice. Our medical malpractice lawyer will fight for you aggressively to help you get compensation from the at-fault medical professional. 

Serving the New Jersey area, you can trust Jaloudi Law to do their best. With their most famous case involving representing clients in the New Jersey Supreme Court for a 10 million dollar settlement, you can be assured that Jaloudi Law will not rest until your case is settled and you are paid for damages. Contact a medical malpractice attorney from New Jersey right now. 

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice occurs when a patient suffers a severe catastrophic injury at the hands of a negligent healthcare provider such as a doctor or a nurse. Medical malpractice includes birth injuries, misdiagnoses, surgery errors, and infections from the hospital. If you are a victim of medical malpractice by a healthcare professional, you’ll need the services of a medical malpractice attorney from Jaloudi Law. 

That said, there are plenty of important concepts to take note of in a medical malpractice case, such as the basic requirements for filing a medical malpractice case, issues such as informed consent, and what damages you can claim. All these can be explained in great detail by a medical malpractice attorney focused on seeing you reach the results you deserve. 

Schedule an appointment with a Clifton medical malpractice lawyer right now to talk about your personal injury case.

What Do I Need to Build a Medical Malpractice Case?

To prove that there was medical malpractice, the following:

  • Existence of a Doctor-Patient Relationship. To file a medical malpractice lawsuit, you must first prove an existing relationship between the doctor and you, the patient. This means that you hired the doctor, and the doctor agreed to perform medical services. 
  • Medical Negligence. You must prove that the doctor was negligent, which goes beyond being unsatisfied with the procedures. Negligence is often done in connection to the diagnosis or treatment. There must be proof that there was incompetence and that another more competent professional would not have done that. 
  • The Negligence Caused the Injury. Medical malpractice involves patients who are already ill and can often overlap. The challenge of medical malpractice cases is to prove that the doctor did something negligent that led to the injury. 
  • There Were Specific Damages as a result of the injury. You must have certain injuries to sue, such as physical pain, mental turmoil, medical bills, and lost wages. 

Schedule an appointment with a medical malpractice lawyer from Clifton, NJ, to help smoothen your malpractice case.

What are the Common Types of Medical Malpractice

Many situations can fall under medical malpractice, from surgical errors to failing to inform a patient that a particular prescribed medication has side effects. Medical malpractice claims are typically categorized as follows: 


If another medical professional would be able to make a more accurate diagnosis of the patient’s illness than the first, a medical malpractice claim can be filed. 

Improper Treatment

If the treatment done to the patient is something another doctor wouldn’t have done, the patient can file a medical malpractice claim. This also works if the doctor performs treatment but does it erroneously. 

Failure to Warn of Risks

It is a doctor’s duty to let patients know of the risks a procedure has. This process is known as the duty of informed consent. If the patient is adequately informed and decides not to push through, the practitioner could be held for medical malpractice in the case of an injury.

What is New Jersey's Law Regarding Medical Malpractice Damages?

New Jersey only puts a cap on punitive damages in a medical malpractice case. The state doesn’t have upper limits for compensatory damages; however, New Jersey Statutes section 2A: 15-5.14 caps punitive damages off to $350,000. Punitive damages are rare in medical malpractice lawsuits. It is best to consult a medical malpractice attorney from Clifton, NJ to clear any doubts.

Call our Medical Malpractice Attorney Now!

Everybody deserves access to quality healthcare that will help enhance their quality of life, ensuring they live long and healthy lives. However, just because a medical expert treats you doesn’t mean that mishaps can’t occur along the way. Birth injuries, misdiagnoses, and erroneous prescriptions happen more often than we think, and if this has caused harm to you, you might be entitled to damages if you file a medical malpractice claim.

Before filing, get in touch with a medical malpractice attorney from Clifton law firm Jaloudi Law who can help you navigate the complex world of medical malpractice. An attorney will guide you every step, from filing a case to representing you in court if need be.  

Schedule an appointment right now with a Clifton medical malpractice attorney from Jaloudi Law. The attorney is caring, responsive to your concerns, and powerful in their practice area, be it medical malpractice, personal injury, or wrongful death. You deserve justice and compensation for all you’ve gone through. Touch base with a Clifton medical malpractice attorney right this instant!

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