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Traffic Violations Attorney in Clifton, NJ

Traffic Violations are the most common offense of law violations in New Jersey. Along with traffic tickets, one may be charged with traffic violations if you run a red light, drive without a license, do not follow the proper traffic rules and etiquette, drive under the influence, or drive without traffic headlights.

You may not think traffic violations are a big problem, but some violations such as DUI can even merit jail time. Even the seemingly harmless speeding ticket can have lasting consequences such as:

  • traffic tickets deduct points from your driving score
  • Traffic tickets can increase your auto insurance rates
  • Traffic tickets can cause driving license suspension
  • Traffic tickets can create a permanent criminal record
  • Traffic tickets can incite steep fines and jail time

Even if you have been charged with a ticket or a DUI offense, remember that you still have rights! At times, law enforcement deals more harshly than necessary with traffic violations. This harsh treatment can ruin your insurance ratings and cause you to lose your driving license.

We suggest that you choose an excellent traffic violations lawyer if you get in traffic infraction. Jaloudi & Associates, LLC is a reliable option. Jaloudi & Associates, LLC has a team of expert traffic law attorneys who have a deep knowledge of traffic law.

They are excellent at gathering information regarding the incidence to get the law enforcement agencies to drop the charges or levy the minimal possible penalty. Our traffic attorneys will make sure that no points are deducted from your license so that you don’t suffer higher insurance premiums.

What Are the Common Traffic Violations?

Traffic violations cover a significant amount of offenses that involve the use of an automobile or a vehicle. Traffic violations encapsulate both the moving and non-moving aspects, from a misdemeanor to drunk driving or DUI to reckless driving to parking in prohibited areas.

Traffic laws vary from state to state. If you’re from New Jersey, it is important to be aware of your state’s laws to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities and suffering penalties such as a suspended license.

Most traffic tickets are strict liability, meaning no felony or conviction intent for the offense. Proving liability for the person’s offense is the only requirement. These include very commonly occurring violations such as:

  • Speeding
  • Failing to Yield
  • Turning to wrong lane
  • Driving without headlights at night
  • Parking in fire lanes
  • Driving with expired licenses

If you have been involved in a traffic offense or have been ticketed, don’t go through the process alone. Enlist the help of a New Jersey traffic violations attorney from one of the best law firms to provide legal representation and  smoothen your case out at the traffic court.

Moving Violations vs Non-Moving Violations

From the word itself, moving violation refers to traffic law infractions while the vehicle is in motion. Common examples include speeding, beating a red light, and changing lanes without signaling.

Non-moving violations, on the other hand, are related to parking violations or faulty equipment, such as parking in front of a fire hydrant, driving with faulty taillights, and producing excessive muffler noise.

What are the Rules for Speeding Tickets?

When it comes to speeding tickets, there are three types that most states acknowledge, namely:

Specific Maximum Speed Limits in Certain Settings

This law pertains to each state having its own regulations in terms of speed limits. These apply to certain areas such as churches and schools. Even in the absence of a speed limit, these statutory limits still apply.

Laws Enabling Local Governments to Enforce Speed Limits

Certain states have laws that enable local governments to enforce speed limits for motorists in order to regulate traffic flow in the neighborhoods.

Laws Requiring Drivers to Operate Vehicles at Reasonable Speeds

Some laws require drivers to drive at a suitable speed for the circumstances. These circumstances include the kind of highway they will be driving on, be it rural or highways or even the unsafe weather.

If you have any questions regarding the state’s traffic laws, know that it is always a good idea to enlist the help of a traffic violations lawyer. A traffic violations attorney from the law firm can explain various traffic laws, review your case, and fight for you should you happen to break one.

How is a Traffic Violation Case Defended?

When involved in a traffic violation case, one doesn’t always have to accept the repercussions simply. Having a traffic violations attorney by your side can help you obtain a favorable outcome, especially if your livelihood depends on having a clean, solid driving record. A traffic violations attorney can review your case, insist on a trial that can lead prosecutors to junk the case or have a lenient plea bargain.

How Does One Deal with Serious Traffic Offenses?

Not every traffic violation meets the same kind of consequence. A violation’s severity depends on the level of harm it has caused to others and the surroundings. Certain infractions of the law such as operating with broken licenses or parking in the wrong areas, do not directly jeopardize other drivers or pedestrians; hence these are just left with warnings.

Nevertheless, serious traffic offenses that are particularly life-threatening such as careless driving and driving under the influence, can spell jail time for the driver, suspension of driving privileges, obligations to attend substance abuse classes, and hefty fines.

Seek Legal Advice for Traffic Violations

If you are from Clifton, NJ and are currently involved in traffic violations, take action immediately. Get in touch with a traffic violation attorney. However small or serious, traffic violations cause a great deal of hassle for everyone involved.

The traffic violations attorneys or DUI attorneys at Jaloudi & Associates, LLC are more than capable of reviewing your case, taking your case to court, and taking action per New Jersey traffic law. Schedule an appointment today to get in touch with legal experts.

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