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Will I have to appear in court as part of my accident case?

Accident case court trial

Going to Court for Accident Cases in North Jersey

Most people who have this lingering question may feel intimidated or terrified of going to court. Others may be concerned about the process, the lengthy wait, or the inconvenience of having to appear in court. For any accident case, a court trial is necessary.

If you have been injured in a vehicle accident and are pursuing a personal claim, whether you go to court depends on whether you file suit or whether your car accident case is resolved prior to file suit.

While many personal injury claims settle without the need for a full-length trial, the majority of instances only settle after a lawsuit is filed.

What happens if I do not file a suit?

Accident case court trial If no lawsuit has been filed on your behalf as a consequence of the injuries you incurred in any type of car accident and your attorney is able to settle your case, you will not be needed to appear in court. Legal advice will be provided to you whether or not your appearance is required.

If a lawsuit has been filed on your behalf, depending on the stage of your case, you may or may not be required to attend court. Yet, there are several possibilities:

A suit is filed, but it is settled before any needed court appearances

Sometimes when a lawsuit is filed on behalf of the injured individual, the matter settles quickly and before any court hearings take place. You will not be required to appear in court in this case. You may be asked to respond to “discovery” inquiries. At this point, your personal injury attorney must inform you deliberately and frequently regarding the compensation for the medical bills they are fighting for you to obtain.

Going back, discovery inquiries is responding to interrogatories. Which is a group of written questions that you must answer.

Alternatively, you may be required to take an oath deposition. This is when you answer questions orally in front of a court reporter. This does not have to take place in court and is frequently done at the attorney’s office or law office.

The lawsuit moved forward

If the action proceeds, you may be required to attend an arbitration hearing. This is a judicial proceeding, although it is informal and does not take place in the courtroom. The Arbitrator is an attorney who hears both parties and renders a decision on the matter. His decision is not final and may be challenged. It is a procedure meant to aid in the resolution of the dispute.

The case goes to trial

If your lawyer was unable to resolve the issue, it will eventually go to trial. The plaintiff bears the burden of proving their case at trial. To testify on your own behalf, you must present at trial. Your testimony is critical in discussing how the accident happened and the injuries you received. 

Sometimes a matter is settled during the trial but before you are called to testify. Each case is different, and the point at which and when a vehicle accident lawsuit settlements differ.

How can an attorney help me through the legal system?

Whether you have to go to court or not, the most crucial issue is: Do you have an experienced and skilled attorney to lead you through the court procedure if you are pursuing a personal injury claim as a consequence of a vehicle accident?

A competent attorney with the court and trial experience should walk you through the procedure and put you at ease about going to court. An attorney should prepare you for what to expect so that your experience is not only pleasant but also successful.

Contact a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer with courtroom experience

If you have been wounded in a car accident, bus accident, train accident, or truck accident, you need to choose an experienced attorney who can not only help you through the legal procedure but also has a good reputation in court and for litigating cases. 

The Jaloudi Law team has a track record of success. The team has litigated cases and achieved multimillion-dollar judgments on their clients’ behalf.

We offer free case evaluation. We will not require any payment until we get you your compensation for any physical injury or economic damages you received from the car accident case or personal injury.



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