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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Attorney in Clifton, NJ

While most people enjoy their jobs and depend on it financially, sometimes things can go wrong at the workplace and you can find yourself in a host of nasty accidents ranging from the mundane to the serious. Workers compensation is needed in order to cover the damages incurred in the accident and having a workers compensation attorney in Clifton, NJ can help. 

To briefly define, workers compensation pertains to coverage an employee can receive in the incidence of on-the-job injury or illness. Covered employees can obtain partial pay for the time they aren’t at work, compensation for medical bills and more. Plenty of factors affect workers’ compensation such as eligibility and coverage and a workers compensation attorney from Clifton, NJ can help you with this. 

Trusted Workers Compensation Attorney Clifton NJ 

If you have acquired an illness in the workplace or have suffered an on-the-job injury, the best thing to do is to get in touch with a trusted workers compensation attorney Clifton NJ law firm Jaloudi Law is proud to have. An attorney can walk you through the entire process and ensure that you get compensated fairly to help you get back on track. 

Schedule an appointment with a trusted workers’ compensation attorney from Clifton, NJ law firm Jaloudi Law. The attorney is well-versed in the policies and laws regarding compensation and benefits for workers, enabling you to better understand your eligibility for which. The attorney’s skill, expertise, and experience can help you come out on top. Talk to your workers’ compensation attorney right now.

Why do I need a Workers' Compensation in New Jersey?

workers compensation attorney clifton, nj

Workers’ compensation is extremely important if you have been harmed at work. However, if you think about the time you need to spend recovering out of work coupled with the medical bills and lost wages, it sounds like a lot of money and you might not want to hire an attorney any longer to avoid additional costs. Know that hiring an attorney can help you better understand the coverage and get your life back on track. 

The New Jersey-based family-owned law firm has been servicing clients for two decades. Jaloudi Law offers client-centered, personalized legal solutions that consider the individual’s circumstances. The attorney also takes the time to thoroughly know their client, making for a great attorney client relationship. Jaloudi Law assists clients in practice areas such as workers’ compensation, personal injury, and more.

Schedule an appointment today with a workers’ compensation attorney from Clifton, NJ to get maximum compensation. The law firm’s lines are open 24/7, with its team of brilliant attorneys ready to attend to your needs.

What is Workers' Compensation?

Workers’ compensation pertains to benefits or coverages that an employee is entitled to should they fall ill or get into an accident while on duty at work. Workers’ compensation entails that the employee receives partial pay for the time that they are out of work to cover expenses related to their injury such as medical bills. 

To elaborate a little further, workers’ compensation insurance, also known as workers’ comp is state-mandated coverage that consists of payments the law demands the employer to make to the employee. While federal governments offer their own workers’ comp,  each state has its own standards of workers’ compensation. 

If you are in need of workers’ compensation, get in touch with a workers’ compensation attorney in Clifton, NJ.

Who Is Eligible for Workers’ Compensation? 

Eligibility for workers’ compensation depends on the state deadlines for injury reporting and filing a workers’ comp claim. The following criteria are general, however: 

  • You are an employee. Workers comp is designed to protect employees and provide them with benefits to cover their health issues. This means that independent contractors who aren’t employees aren’t covered. 
  • You have obtained work-related injuries. You must first be able to prove that your injuries or illness were work related in order to get workers comp. Injuries are considered work-related if you were completing a task that was beneficial to the company and got injured or sick in the process. 
  • The employer has workers’ comp insurance. Most companies are required by law to carry workers comp insurance, however there are certain exemptions. Small companies with a far smaller employee population are not required to have workers comp in some states, so it’s best to check with your company and state laws as well. 
  • Your job is the type that must have workers’ comp coverage. Some occupations don’t have workers’ comp including domestic work, agricultural work, seasonal jobs, and clergy members to name a few. 

If there are any lingering concerns regarding workers’ comp, get in touch with a compensation lawyer from a reputable law office who can help you with your case.

What Accidents are Not Covered by Workers Comp? 

Workers’ compensation is designed to provide coverage for workplace injury or illness. Some states have a drug and alcohol testing rule for the injured employee to determine if substance abuse played a role in the injury, thus making it grounds for denial. Other grounds of denial include self-inflicted injuries, breaking of the law, and did not occur at the job. 

When dealing with workers’ comp issues in Jersey City, the smartest course of action is to get in touch with workers compensation lawyers who can handle the case while you focus on recovering. Lawyers can explain workers compensation law to you and help you better understand your rights.

What Expenses Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Workers’ compensation is designed to help the injured employee get back on their feet and this is done by covering certain expenses including:

  • Medical Bills to treat the illness/injury
  • Lost wages
  • Retraining
  • Permanent injury compensation 
  • Benefits to wrongful death survivors. 

Workers who collect compensation benefits cannot sue the employer. These also do not cover the pain and suffering of the injured worker. Workers compensation is an alternative to filing a lawsuit but depending on the state you’re in, there are cases wherein you can still sue for workers’ compensation. Others allow it in the instance of a wrongful death situation. If you do, however, press charges, know that a Clifton workers compensation lawyer will help you all the way and be your staunchest advocate.

How Do I Apply for Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Workers’ comp benefits have four steps:

  1. Reporting the Injury to Employer. States require an injury report to your employer immediately. Prolonging the waiting period can cost you your right to file a claim. 
  2. File a Claim.  Most states require you or the employer to file a claim
  3. Insurance Company Decision. The insurance company will then investigate in order to determine whether your claim should be approved or denied. 
  4. Appeal a Denial. Know that you have the right to appeal if your claim has been denied. Get in touch with a workers’ compensation attorney to help you navigate this case.

Call our Clifton Workers’ Compensation Attorney Now!

Workers’ compensation was created in order to make up for the damages that have plagued an employee who was gravely injured or has contracted an illness at work. Workers’ compensation exists to cover certain costs like medical bills, lost wages, and more. It is essential that an employee receives this but the process can be complicated which is why you need a workers’ compensation attorney from Clifton, NJ law firm Jaloudi Law. 

An experienced attorney can fight for you and ensure you get your life back on track with maximum compensation. Schedule a consultation with Jaloudi Law now. 

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